Chrome's Corner

Have a product you have seen but don't know if it's good or not? That's what Chrome's Corner is all about! Here I try and review different equine products! From supplements, feeds, to grooming products!


FARNAM Apple Elite Electrolyte 

One of my go-to's in my feeding routine! Electrolytes are a MUST in the Texas Summers. They help to reestablish fluid balance, encourage water intake, and help in muscle recovery/energy production. There is an enclosed scoop that comes with it, and there is a provided table that tells you how much to feed for your horse's exercise level. I feed one scoop/day for the entire year for a horse in light/moderate exercise. 



Another Go-To in my feeding routine! Having a jumping horse means I am constantly worried about high-impact joint damage. MSM is an easy additive that decreases joint pain while improving the maintenance of healthy connective tissues, cartilage, bones, and hooves. When combined with electrolytes, this is a great way to improve synovial joint fluid! There is a provided scoop and a table of how to incorporate this into your horse's diet. For my horse, who jumps at low levels once a week, flats about two-three times a week, and trail rides, I feed one scoop per day. 


Easy-Measure Height and Weight Tape

As mentioned in our Series 1: Building a Balanced Diet- Grain post! This is my go-to easy tape to determine weight! Simply just wrap around the widest part of the horse's barrel (stomach), where the two sides meet is an estimate of what your horse weighs. Of course, this isn't as accurate as a scale, but it's better than not knowing. It can be found at almost any feed store or tack store! I got mine from Amazon!


Hay Chix Hay net

Hands down one of the BEST hay nets I've ever used! It decreased my hay waste by about 80% from using a feeder! I love the slow feed design as I can throw in two-three flakes and it will last Chrome all night long. Comes with a carabiner so you can hang it off the side of a trailer or on an o-ring, but also has a slide that ties off the top so you can hang it from a stall wall. HUGE design that can easily fit an entire bale of hay! Check out Hay Chik's website to get yours!